Will hydrogen peroxide help canker sores?

hydrogen peroxide for canker sore

Canker sores can be caused by mouth trauma, poor diet, vitamin deficiency or simply a weak immune system. In order to reduce the pain and inflammation that is often found with canker sores, you need to kill the bacteria in your mouth. Most people just wait for these sores to go away on their own by letting their immune system deal with them. But this could take weeks and it will cause you to remain in pain during that whole time. That is why most people will use hydrogen peroxide to treat their canker sores. It can be applied directly to the sores using cotton or you could swish it around in your mouth.

Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic and antibacterial solution which has the ability to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria in your mouth and ultimately heal your canker sores. It can be purchased at your local drug store and is very easy to prepare. You can take it with water, baking soda, milk of magnesia or just have it plain. The best way to take it is with water, though. Just take a cup and mix the hydrogen peroxide and water in it. After that, sip the solution and swish it in your mouth as if it were mouthwash. Keep swishing the solution in your mouth for about two minutes and then spit it out. Try not to swallow the solution and don’t consume any food or drink within an hour of swishing it. You’ll want to repeat this cycle at least 3-4 times throughout the day. Meanwhile, avoid consuming acidic or spicy foods that could further irritate the canker sores. If you do this correctly then you should notice less inflammation and pain within 24 hours. Once your canker sores clear up, continue to use hydrogen peroxide periodically in order to prevent future canker sores from coming back.

Now if you happen to swallow the hydrogen peroxide then don’t panic. The worst that will happen is it will cause you to have an upset stomach. But try not to swallow too much of it because it will further irritate your stomach. You also shouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide too often after your canker sores clear up because it could end up killing the good bacteria in your mouth as well. Most importantly, try to maintain a balanced diet which consists of vitamins, protein, probiotics and minerals. If you follow all of these steps then those canker sores should never come back again.

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