Does vegemite work on mouth ulcers?

Vegemite treats mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are something most people have gotten at one point in their lives. They are those painful sores you get inside of your mouth that feel like a small bump when you touch them. There are many ways to develop mouth ulcers such as biting your tongue, burning your mouth, irritation from a sharp objection (e.g. braces, dentures), chewing tobacco, or possibly a viral infection. Mouth ulcers are not harmful to your overall health, but they can make your life uncomfortable for days or even weeks. This especially becomes noticeable when you have to eat and drink your food. Every time you move your jaw to chew your food, it can be painful. That is why it is best to know how to treat these mouth ulcers if you develop them and to prevent them from ever forming again in your mouth.

The Australian food paste known as Vegemite is made of brewers’ yeast, salt and a mixture of spice and vegetable additives. Vegemite can also be used to treat mouth ulcers because of its yeast and salt content. When you apply Vegemite to a mouth ulcer, the yeast and salt fights the ulcer and causes the body to release a steroid hormone called cortisol which numbs the pain. Vegemite also contains vitamin B which can help prevent you from getting mouth ulcers as well. In fact, Vegemite is very rich in many vitamin Bs including folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin. It is recommended that you take Vegemite at nighttime if you want to use it for mouth ulcer prevention. Also, you’ll want to get the reduced salt version of Vegemite if it’s being used for ulcer prevention because Reduced Salt Vegemite contains added vitamin B12 and B6. These two vitamins enhance the brain function and immune system of the body, which in turn helps prevent mouth ulcers.

Even though there are numerous testimonials from people who claim Vegemite treats mouth ulcers, there is no scientific or medical confirmation of this claim. The medical community maintains there is no actual evidence to prove Vegemite works to treat mouth ulcer. This means Vegemite remains nothing more than a home remedy that is used by people who simply know it works from their experiences with it or from the success stories they’ve heard from other people. Vegemite might not be sold in your local supermarket, but you can easily purchase it on Amazon and have it shipped to you.

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