Early Signs and Tips to Get Rid of Herpes on Lips

Many people don’t realize when they are infected by herpes virus, so knowing about early signs and tips to get rid of herpes on lips is recommended. Herpes is serious disease that causes so many bad conditions. Herpes virus can infect some parts of body, include lips. What are the early signs of herpes on lips? And how to get rid of herpes? You can find the answer below.

Early Signs of Herpes on Lips

Herpes on lips caused by virus that is easily to be transmitted. So, you have to know the early signs of herpes on lips to avoid herpes disease and how to get rid of it. Herpes virus is easily transmitted through direct contact. Herpes on lips usually transmitted through the use of same cutlery, lipstick or lip balm, and also through kissing.

There are some early signs of herpes on lips. The name of herpes virus that causes herpes on lip is herpes simplex virus type 1. The early sign of herpes on lips is wound on the both lips. Not only that, the painful wound may also felt on gum, tongue, and the inside part of cheek. Seeing this sign, we have to be careful and prevent this disease as soon as possible because this disease causes various bad effects.

Not only causing wound on lips, herpes on lips can also signed by wound on neck and other part of face. In some people, herpes can cause other signs such as muscle pain and fever. We can conclude that every patient of herpes will get different signs. Herpes will also become more serious disease when the patient get emotional problems.

How to Get Rid of the Herpes

When you find some early signs of herpes on your lips, you have to go to a doctor as soon as possible to prevent serious condition of herpes. A doctor will know the best test to know whether you are infected by herpes virus or not. Actually, there is no specific medicine to solve herpes. But, some medicines may be prescribed to reduce the sign and wound caused by herpes virus. Some medicines for herpes are acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir.

The medicines mentioned above will prevent the transmission of herpes virus to other people. Not only oral medicines, there are also other medicine to be spread on the area and also injected. With medicine, you can prevent the transmission of herpes virus. There are also other tips to reduce the spread of herpes on lips. Keep your lips condition, and make sure that your lips always in clean condition. You can use warm cloth to reduce the painful feeling caused by herpes. You can also consume pain relieve medicines.

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For you who are infected by herpes virus, you have to avoid warm drink or spicy food because they may make the condition of lips become worst. Avoiding sour drink during herpes symptoms also recommended. Finally, hopefully some information about early signs and tips to get rid of herpes on lips above will make you realize about your condition and avoid herpes virus as soon as possible.

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