5 Signs and Symptoms of Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is a kind of diseases that can be experienced by anybody starting from kids to adult. It is commonly due to the unhealthy lifestyle starting from the daily consumption that has less fiber, rarely doing exercises, less pure water consumption, and some others. More than that, it is also led by other diseases that cause any trouble in your digestive system. However, hemorrhoid should not be a big deal if you know the symptom and you do the right treatment since the early stage. Despite the result of medical checkup officially done by the clinic or hospital, there are some signs and symptoms of hemorrhoid that you can see or feel. So, what are they? Check them out.

1. Bleeding

At the very earlier stage, there is bleeding when you are defecating. Actually, the bleeding can indicate some other diseases. However, you must aware as well that it can be hemorrhoid. The color of blood that is out is light or bright red just like the fresh blood. You must not underestimate the bleeding during defecating for sure. Yes, even at the beginning it is not painful at all, it can be getting worse if you don’t do the right treatment as soon as possible.

2. Mucus

Despite the blood, something else that can go out from your rectum during defecating is mucus. Similar to the blood, the appearance of mucus is the first visible symptom whether it is for internal or external hemorrhoid. At this stage, the patient may also still not feel any pain and comfortable.

3. Bump

There will be a bump or even more on the rectum and some areas around. The bump is made from the swollen vena, connective tissue, and muscles. Depending on the types and level of severity of your hemorrhoid, the bump can be swollen but sometimes flattened also. The swelling and flattening of the bump can depend on the patients’ positions. It swells when you are standing up and then flattens when you are lying.

4. Pain

The feeling of painful and uncomfortable are appeared particularly when you defecate. It is caused by the stimulation of nerves around the rectum. The worse thing about this matter is when there is friction between the hemorrhoid area and the feces. Mainly because the feces itself can be really hard, it can cause the irritation. At this point, it can be bleeding more. When the patients are sitting down, they cannot do it calmly and peacefully due to the pain on the rectum.

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5. Itch

There are some other symptoms of hemorrhoid that you should know. Although not all patients may experience this, the area around rectum is very itchy. However, it is impossible to scratch it since it can cause more problems like irritation. Besides, if you can see this area, the color is also red just like when you have any skin problem. The treatment done must also be under the expert to avoid the worse things to be happened. Those are then the 5 signs and symptoms of hemorrhoid.

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