How to Use Sitz Bath For Hemorrhoids: The Simple Way to Use It

How to use sitz bath for hemorrhoids? You should know about sitz bath before using this way. This is the only bath tub used to clean the perineum. The perineum is the space between the vulva and the rectum. This bathtub can be used to clean your private area. It can heal the itching in the genital area. You can shower with a suitable plastic kit for your bathroom. This product has a round shape with shallow basin. These kits are sold in plastic bags with tubing. This is a bag filled with warm water equipped with a tube. This tube is used to fill the bath. You may need the largely sized basin to use this product. You can sit on the toilet and put this tool in the toilet. Pharmacies sell this tool with a large size. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to use this bath tub. There are many patients who use this tool regularly to clean the personal organs. Warm water can increase the blood flow of the perineum so that the healing process will be fast. If you use the sitz bath, then you can reduce irritation, itching, and mild pain.

Common Reasons to Use Sitz Bath

Maybe you need a reason to use this tool. This tool can be used after you have performed vaginal or vulva surgery. This tool can also be used after childbirth. If you have hemorrhoids, then you can use this tool. You experience the discomfort caused by the hemorrhoids so you have to use the sitz bath. If you are not comfortable while defecating, you should take a sitz bath. Adults and children can use sitz baths. You should keep an eye on your child while bathing sitz. Usually, the doctor will give you prescription medication that should be inserted into sitz bath. Doctors can give povidone-iodine. This drug has antibacterial properties that can treat hemorrhoids. You can add other ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and table salt. You can use warm water for the sitz bath.

How to Use Sitz Bath

The first step you should do is to clean the bath. You can mix two tablespoons of whitening product and one gallon of water. You have to scrub the bathtub clean. You can fill the bath with 4 inches of water. You must remember that the water used is warm water. You should not use hot water because the water can burn your wound. You can dip the wrist to test the temperature of the water. If you have a comfortable water temperature, then you can use the water to bathe. You can go into the tub and soak the perineum for 20 minutes. You can bend your knees to find a comfortable position. You can dry the perineum with a soft towel when out of the bath. You should choose a towel made of clean cotton. You should not rub the perineum as it may cause irritation and pain.

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Actually, sitz bath has side effects but this is rare. Your perineum can get infected because of this way. If this happens, you can contact a qualified physician who can provide the right treatment for you. That’s the explanation of how to use sitz bath for hemorrhoids.


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