The Difference between Rectal Prolapse and Hemorrhoids

In this article we are going to explain about the difference between Rectal Prolapse and Hemorrhoids, so will know what is the best option to treatment between them.

Rectal Prolapse VS Hemorrhoids

Rectal prolapse is shaped like a pink sock that juts into the organ. Hemorrhoids are the mucous tissue of small size. Rectal prolapse will follow different developmental systems with hemorrhoids. This condition begins with a protrusion against the bowel movement. This condition can cause abdominal contractions. This network has a concentric circle shape. Hemorrhoids in advanced stages will be more painful than rectal prolapse. This is called the highest stage. The rectum arm will go inside and the other organs are outside the body. This condition can be cured with surgery. Hemorrhoids will stand out and make you experience pain. You can take medicine or other ingredients to cure hemorrhoids without surgery. Usually, these drugs are available in the form of lotions or creams.

Symptoms of Rectal Prolapse

This condition is caused by the rectum coming out of the body. The most feared symptom is the rectum out of the anal canal. The rectum can come out easily when triggered by trivial conditions such as clean or bowel movements. You will feel pain when defecating because the rectum will come out of other organs. This condition can cause body discomfort, bloating, and feeling full. This condition has another form called the anal sphincter. Another symptom caused by this condition is the release of mucus from damaged organs and bleeding. You will also have difficulty to defecate. This disease will look like a pink sock.

Causes of Rectal Prolapse

This condition is a weak muscle group that cannot resist anorectic. This organ will get support from the girdling and muscle ligaments. This condition is caused by ligaments and muscles that begin to weaken. The organ will be fall-glide according to gravity. These muscles experience weakness due to old age. Diarrhea and constipation can also make this muscle weakness. Maternity or Pregnancy pressures can also make these muscles weak and cause rectal prolapse. Other diseases that can make these muscles become weak are paralysis, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and so forth. You should know that sexual activity done from the rectal hole can result in you getting this disease. You should know a fact that the rectal hole is not used for sexual penetration. Anal sex involving anorectic canal can cause rectal prolapse.

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Types of Rectal Prolapse

Rectal prolapse consists of three types. The rectum will collapse and not protrude from the anus. Perhaps the rectum will fall into other organs. This will cause you to feel bloated and depressed. The second variation is an organ that has no muscle wall. This mucosa looks thin and torn so that other organs will be damaged. The third type is the rectum with the most serious condition. The third type can accentuate the anal stinger. Specific symptoms that exist in this condition and not experienced by patients with hemorrhoids consists of feeling full and leakage of feces. If you experience these symptoms, then the disease is not the hemorrhoid. These symptoms are the main markers of the differences between rectal prolapse and hemorrhoids.

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