Handy ways to prevent canker sores after biting your lip

prevent canker sores after biting lips

If you’ve ever suffered with a canker sore, you’ll know right away just how painful and uncomfortable they can be, and how tough they can make your day to day life. Ok sure, whilst cankers aren’t considered a risk of life, they can still damage your health and well-being in different ways instead. For example, if you get a canker after biting your lip, it can be extremely sore and it can make you feel pretty self conscious in the process. Because of this, more and people are looking for ways to prevent canker sores after biting lips, and if this is relevant to you, make sure you read the rest of this article, as we take a closer look at cankers in general, before looking at ways of preventing canker sores after biting your lip.

What is a canker?

Basically, a canker is like a small ulcer that is like a shallow crater on the lip/mouth, that is very sore indeed. Most commonly, canker sores are easy to recognise, as they have red borders on the outside, and a yellow/white centre. Because they are so sore, eating, drinking, and even talking, can be a painful ordeal for anybody suffering from cankers. One of the most common causes of canker sore, is actually somebody biting their lip, and if you’ve recently done this, there are things you can do to prevent canker sores. They include:

Increasing vitamin consumption

Commonly, one of the primary causes of canker sore, is a vitamin deficiency. To help counteract this, experts recommend increasing your vitamin consumption, via whole foods like fresh foods and vegetables, and via supplements as well.

Be gentle with the sores

Although not ideal, if you do have a canker sore on your lip, mouth, or tongue, you should take special care not to damage them further, or place unnecessary stress upon them. This means, if you chew, make sure you chew carefully, and try not to eat rough foods that could damage the sores. Also, be careful of excessive brushing or flossing, as that too can cause damage to the sores.

Avoid the wrong foods

After biting your lip, if you do feel a canker sore starting to develop, you should be careful not to eat foods that could exasperate the sores. For example, sharp and rough foods like nuts, seeds, salty foods, very acidic food, and spicy foods, could irritate the sores and could make them even worse.

Try to reduce your stress levels

Cankers, and indeed various other forms of ulcer, have been heavily linked to increased stress levels, so if you find yourself feeling stressed and anxious, try to practice various calming and relaxation techniques instead. If you bite your lip and do some damage, the more stressed you become, the more likely the injury will be to develop into a full canker. Instead, try to relax and unwind, and learn various stress-relief techniques.

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