The Benefit of Olive Leaf Extract for Herpes

Is there any benefit of olive leaf extract for herpes? This question may be asked when you are infected by herpes, whether or not it will help you to cure herpes. Nowadays, herpes is no more types of diseases that you are unfamiliar with because its effects and contagiousness. Herpes is smart enough not to be caught or noticed. Most people who are infected with herpes do not know and aware because the symptoms are slight. Most people also do not have apparent symptoms for months or even years after getting infected. Herpes will attack the skin such as labial skin – the lips, mouth, nose, and facial skin even genital skin. Commonly, the symptom is marked by fever, felling unwell and painful red blister on the skin. After that, the blister will turn into burst and ulcers.  Herpes is also contagious which means easily transmitted between people through direct contact.

Curing herpes once forever is impossible because the virus will stay in our body even after the symptoms vanish. It may reoccur any time when triggered. There are many medicines developed to help people curing herpes such as manufactures medicines. These medicines will reduce the duration of outbreak, but it is not effective in long run. It has also some side effects such as nausea, headache, fever, tiredness, dizziness, vomiting, etc. One of the effective solutions is by using natural home remedies. Olive leaf extract is said to be an effective way to cure herpes.

What Is Olive Leaf Extract?

Olive oil has been known as a natural cure for many skin disorders, including herpes. However, it is also used for preventing some chronic diseases such as heart attack and stroke. It is also effective to cure some digestion disease such as constipation. The leaf of olive tree contains substances that can protect the leaf from parasite. After get extracted, the substances can be a powerful antioxidant for fighting some viruses and bacteria.

How Does Olive Leaf Extract Cure Herpes?

Olive leaf extract has been known as one of the best natural remedy for curing herpes simplex virus. Herpes infected our body when our immune system weakens. Oleurpein, which is the main content of olive leaf extract, can boost our immune system to fight back the virus and prevent a major outbreak. When we consume olive leaf extract, olive oil compound will attack and damage the pathogen. The deceased pathogen will be brought out of the body though natural detoxification. Fewer toxins inside the body will prevent any viruses to trigger the activation.

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Are There Any Side Effects?

As a  natural remedy, olive leaf extract does not cause harmful side effect compared with manufactured medicines. However, still, there are some side effects that produced by olive leaf extract such as headache, sweating more than usual, and nausea. It happens because the compound of olive leaf extract that actively fight the virus, will also make some organs work harder. Hence, those organs possibly experience some side effect. However, these side effect commonly mild, harmless and occur for only a short period of time.

Those are the benefits of olive leaf extract for herpes. It can be a possible effective choice taken for treating herpes.

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