Herpes on Oral Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention

What is the Common herpes symptom on oral herpes? Oral herpes is type of herpes that infect the areas of lips and mouth. The herpes simplex virus causes oral herpes creates painful sores in lips, gums, mouth, inside cheeks, and even in tongue. Oral herpes is also termed with HSV-1. Most of people refer this infection as cold sores.

Oral herpes symptoms

The incubation period is in 2-12 days, but people averages detect these symptoms after 4 days.  Signs and symptom from oral herpes can last into 2-3 weeks. There will be feeling of tired, fever, and irritability. Before the sores appear, there might be a pain, burning sensation, or itchy feeling appears before the sores appear. After that, the blister cluster will appear. These blisters will break rapidly and then will be seen as tiny and gray ulcer with red base. In few days, these blisters will crust, scabbed and become more yellow and drier. Next symptom is oral sores. This sore is painful and make difficult in eating and drinking. The sores and oral herpes symptom can clear up completely after 2-3 weeks, but these can reappear under the stressful situation.


The oral herpes from simplex herpes infection only occur in human. People infected with oral herpes because contact touch the infected saliva, skin or mucous membrane. The viruses are highly contagious and most of people have infected with at least 1 herpes subtype before they get adulthood.  Therefore, it is important for not touch saliva or any mucous membrane that infected with the sores.  When the virus herpes infects you, then there are 3 stages that you need to know.

  • Primary infection. In this stage, the viruses enter skin or mucous membrane and reproduces.
  • From the site area that have been infected, viruses will move to tissues and reproduces again.
  • This condition linked when you face emotional, stress and physical that reactivate the virus and create new sores and symptom to appear.

How to cope oral herpes infection

When you have oral herpes, you can treat it in self-care after you go to doctor.

  • At home, use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to less the pain from fever and muscle aches. Drink more water for prevent from dehydration. Acetaminophen may trigger asthma in children, therefore parents should check before use OTC that contain with acetaminophen.
  • The medical treatment includes take topical anesthetic such as lidocaine that can relive the pain.
  • The mild uncomplicated herpes simplexis no need for any treatment.
  • For severe oral herpes, then it might require antiviral agent such as acyclovir. This will stop virus’s replication in your skin but it not eliminates the HSV from body or prevent the future oral herpes outbreaks.

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For those people who have severe infection in local areas, people who have infection areas that spread into organ system, people that have weak immune system, and dehydrated person, they need to meet hospital admission. When you care off your early Common herpes symptom on oralherpes, you are able to avoid from further worst infection.

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