The Difference Between Herpes and Pimple

Have you known about the difference between herpes and pimple? For some people, herpes sign looks like pimple. When they find herpes signs, they don’t realize that their part of body has infected by herpes virus. Seeing that condition, we have to know the specific differences between herpes and pimple. It is so important to reduce the symptom of herpes as soon as possible.

Recognizing the Difference Between Herpes and Pimple

Actually, herpes has some symptoms, so we can recognize the difference between herpes and other condition, such as pimple. The symptoms of herpes are wound on the part of body, such as lips, genital area, and many more. Before serious condition happens, receiving the right treatment is the best choice to reduce the symptoms of herpes.

One of way to distinguish herpes and pimple is looking at the shape of lump. Herpes and pimple has difference shape. If you are infected by herpes virus, you will find lump that contains clear liquid. Difference from herpes, pimple contains suppuration. Pimple doesn’t grow in groups, while herpes grows in groups. You can see the shape of lump in your body. If you find clear liquid and the lump grows so much in groups, it may be the symptom of herpes.

How to Distinguish Herpes and Pimple

From the explanation mentioned above, we can conclude that herpes and pimple has difference in shape. Not only that, there are still many things can be the important measurement to distinguish herpes and pimple, such as:

  • Location

Yes, location can be used to distinguish herpes and pimple. Actually, pimple and herpes has different infected area. Pimple usually infects face area. You may also find pimple on the neck and your back. But, herpes is different from pimple. This disease usually attacks some part of face, such as lips area, eyes, and nose. In the first stage, you may feel burning feeling on the area. The area that is infected by herpes virus also looks dry and rough.

  • Cause

The cause of pimple and herpes can be used to distinguish pimple and herpes. You can remember what your activity is before you find lump. Pimple usually happens because of excessive oil on the skin. You may use so many makeup without cleaning it before sleeping. Different from pimple, herpes can be caused by oral sex or sex activity which your sex partner infected by herpes virus.

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How to Solve Herpes and Pimple?

After knowing the tips to distinguish herpes and pimple, we have to know the best way to solve herpes and pimple. For you who have pimple, you can clean your face routinely to reduce excessive oil on your face. Don’t use makeup if your pimple looks worst because it will cause skin irritation. And for you who are infected by herpes virus, you have to discuss with a doctor about best treatment for you. Your doctor may prescribe oral medicine or salve to reduce the symptoms of herpes. Hopefully after knowing the difference between herpes and pimple, you can diagnose yourself when you find the symptom of herpes.

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