First Time Mommies: What To Expect After A Cesarean

It’s always a blessing to raise a child in a loving home. For sure, the preparations you made on your little one’s arrival must have been plenty and hectic; trying to gather all the things they need in the nursery, and the things you need as a new parent indeed make a long check list. The new things, and the cuteness of your baby, can get you distracted on the items that no one told you to prepare on.

Of course, every parent wants a normal delivery. But there are circumstances when the doctor tells you right then and there that your birthing plan is not going the way you wanted it to. That’s what happened to me, at least.

As a mother who underwent a CS, here are the things and situations you need to be prepared for.

No Skin-To-Skin Contact

After your baby comes out from your womb, you can’t hold them right away, so the skin-to-skin contact might not even happen. Since you are paralyzed from your neck down, you can only ask your husband to get the baby for you to take a look. It takes approximately 4 hours to get the anesthesia reversed, and even then, you’re going to experience a lot of shaking.

Breastfeeding Is Hard

After the delivery, the nurse will ask you to feed the baby. This is protocol as your baby will need all the colostrum he or she is desperate for. But when you just come out of surgery, you will need someone to hold your baby properly, and someone to hold your breasts for you.

Laughing is Painful

There’s a big cut on your tummy area and even though they pump so much pain reliever into your body, it’s still going to hurt. You can’t cough, sneeze, or even laugh without feeling the pain down there. One tip that will help is to get a firm pillow and press it on your wound area if you feel like sneezing, coughing or laughing. You’ll only feel a slight discomfort.

If there aren’t any concerns or issues, you get to go home after a week, and that is where the hard work begins. For sure, you already have the bottles, swaddles, car seat, burping cloth and all of that. But what about you? Here are some of the things you can expect to happen with your body.

Unstoppable Leaky Breasts

I only breastfed for 3 months because I had to go back to work and found pumping really stressful, and even then, my breasts would leak milk non-stop. Disposable breast pads are expensive and wasteful. I would suggest for you to get a washable breast pad as it is more absorbent, cheaper and eco-friendly.

Jogging Stroller / Baby Jogger

I gained a lot of weight after my pregnancy, especially on my tummy and arms and I wanted to start losing weight immediately, but it took a long time for my gynecologist to clear me. As soon as I got the go signal from my her, we bought a jogging stroller so that I can take my baby out running in the park.

Weight Loss Is Hard

Trust me, the post pregnancy weight loss is as tough as taking care of an infant. Since I stopped breastfeeding so early, I was able to go on a diet. Though I’m not advocating that you shouldn’t breastfeed, there are a few advantages to it too.

I was able to have some wine when my husband and I went on a date, I took garcinia pills supplements to help with my weight loss. I also ate shrimps and crabs – which I wouldn’t have had done if I were breastfeeding as my baby is allergic to them.

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Rocking A Bikini Might Be An Issue

Some mothers are self-conscious when it comes to scars. Even a bikini-cut operation would still be visible. If you’re not too comfortable showing your scar, you can wear one-piece bathing suits instead. Or you can still wear a bikini, and teach yourself that the marks on your tummy are battle scars of carrying another life in this world.

I hope these tips have shed some light on your curiosity on what could happen if you go through this surgery. It is more difficult compared to having a natural birth, but if you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, you can get through the difficulties without any problems.

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