External and Internal Hemorrhoid Natural Treatment

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Hemorrhoid is a sort of diseases that is caused by the swelling of blood vessels in the area of rectum. Of course, this condition is really not comfortable, painful, and even embarrassing for many people. More than that, if the disease is getting worse, it becomes very difficult for you to do the activities normally even if you just want to sit down. The symptoms are actually quite reasonable. They are bleeding, swelling, and itch on the rectum and they can be felt or seen when you are defecating. If you find those symptoms, surely, you need to checkup and find medical treatments as soon as possible. There are some things you have to know related to the hemorrhoid, including the types and how to cure them naturally.

Internal and external hemorrhoid

In general, when we refer to the medical term, there are two types of hemorrhoid; they are external and internal. Of course, it is actually quite easy to define both just by seeing the names. The external hemorrhoid is when the bump is placed outside the rectum while internal hemorrhoid is when the bump is placed inside. The detection and treatment for external hemorrhoid tend to be easier as well for the placement. On the other hand, there are some levels or stages for the internal hemorrhoid. At the first level, there is only bleeding but you will not find any bump. Then, there is a bump or more at the second level but it can be flattened by itself. Meanwhile, when the bump is only be inserted or flattened by the hand, it is categorized as this level. At the fourth level, the bump is along with the blood clots so that they cover the tip of rectum.

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The Natural Treatments

When we talk about the medical treatments, they can mainly refer to the surgery and the drug consumptions. However, there are actually some activities you can do in order to cure the hemorrhoid naturally. Those activities surely can be more effective when your hemorrhoid is still not too severe. To lessen the pain, you can firstly insert the hemorrhoid that is going out from the rectum. Soak your rectum on the warm water by sitting down in the big bucket for around 30 minutes. The water must be 10 to 15 cm in depth. You must do it for twice or three times a day. Make sure that the bucket is clean and hygienic. Besides, you can also compress your rectum using ice blocks in a pocket. The most important thing is to control your daily consumption. It is recommended for you to add consume foods with fiber like fruits and vegetables. Another important thing is drinking more pure water. Besides, there are some natural remedies that are effective to cure hemorrhoid; they are the gel of aloe vera and papaya. Those ways are good whether the hemorrhoid is classified as internal or external. Those are the external and internal hemorrhoid natural treatment.

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