5 Best Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

Do you have a problem with hemorrhoids? If you already got hemorrhoids, this may be very helpful. When we get hemorrhoids, it must be annoying. That kind of disease, can cause bleeding and pain in our anus or anal area. On the other hand, you may have no idea about the treatments which can be taken to treat hemorrhoids. If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids, we have some essential oils which you can try to treat this disease. Here, we are going to share the top 5 oils for hemorrhoids which have good effects to treat hemorrhoids.

What are the effects of the essential oils?

If you use these essential oils as your hemorrhoids treatment, there are many beneficial things which you can get. Here, one of the effects which can be felt when you use essential oils is reducing the swelling in your anus. The anti-inflammatory substances which contain in the essential oils, have a capability to shrink your veins to the normal size. Besides, the other beneficial effects of essential oils are providing relief for agitation, strengthening your blood vessels, improving blood circulation, and producing antibiotic.

What are the best essential oils?

As we have said before that we are going to share you the best essential oils which you can try, here these essential oils are;

  1. Cypress Oil

In the medical world, cypress is well known for its beneficial effects to be a natural treatment. Besides, this oil has become one of the gentlest and safest oils which you can choose to treat hemorrhoids. This cypress oil, has a capability to heal and contract blood vessels and tissues. Not only that, this essential oil can also improve blood circulation to help muscles and tissues warm up.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

The substances which exist in this tea tree oil, have a capability to treat hemorrhoids with anti-inflammatory way. Not only that, you can directly apply this essential oil to the hemorrhoids as well. Besides, you can also combine this treatment with castor oil. Here, what you have to do is place the oils on the soft cloth or cotton, then you just tap it onto hemorrhoids gently.

  1. Lavender Oil

This kind of oil, is the oil which is mostly used in nowadays. Here, the substances which contain in the lavender oil, have a great healing powers for treating hemorrhoids. As we know, lavender is a calming, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and balancing thing. Besides, this lavender oil can also strengthen our body functions and quicken the functions of important glands.

  1. Frankincense Oil

This essential oil, contains anti bacterial substances which have a capability to reduce the swollen tissue. Not only that, this frankincense oil is able to relax our nervous sysem. Besides, this essential oil is able to kill bacteria which cause infection. In addition, the substances which exist in this frankincense oil, can boost the regeneration.

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  1. Chamimile Oil

This essential oil, will help you soothe your irritated skin, reduce hemorrhoids swelling, and ensure pain relief. Besides, this one of top 5 oils for hemorrhoids will promote the formation of new tissue. In addition, this chamomile oil is very gentle and effective.

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