Do Hemorrhoids Always Hurt and Cause Discomfort?

“Do hemorrhoids always hurt?” is perhaps one of the most common questions asked by those who are currently having to deal with hemorrhoids. It does not matter how long you have been living with this condition, one does not simply get used to living with the disease. More so when the disease in question has anything to do with swollen veins – and the veins are the ones which are located in the anus or lower rectum part of your body. Having diagnosed with hemorrhoids may come off as a surprise to you. How can it not when all you know hemorrhoid is a disease which affects senior citizens? You, being someone who is still young and otherwise perfectly healthy, cannot understand how you could somehow end up with the condition.

Hemorrhoids; not a disease restricted to adults

Let’s get one thing straight, it is true that hemorrhoids typically affect those who are well beyond their 50s. However, this does not necessarily mean young people cannot get the disease. In senior citizens or adults, hemorrhoids are typically caused by the weakening or the stretching of tissues which supposedly supporting the veins located in your anus. When these tissue are weakened or stretched due to aging, the veins could not get the support they needed and in turn, they ended up protruding. Any straining due to lifting heavy items or hard stools from poor diet would cause them to swell and a myriad of symptoms would most likely follow.

However, hemorrhoid is not a disease that may only affect adults. Pregnant women may also develop the condition due to their growing fetus pressuring their anal canals, or perhaps during childbirth – as labor always involves straining, and excessive straining during childbirth may cause hemorrhoid flare ups. If you are obese, the bad news is you are extremely susceptible to hemorrhoid as well. This is largely due to the excessive weight put significant pressure on the veins of both your anus and rectum, causing inflammation and bouts of swelling, two of the most dangerous culprits to hemorrhoids.

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A condition that is closely associated to discomfort and pain

Pain and discomfort are two things which are closely associated with hemorrhoids. In the very early stage of the disease, you may not feel any pain despite your ability to feel the bump on your anus in external hemorrhoid cases. However, after a period of time, when aggravated you may start feeling itchiness and then pain will most likely follow. In extreme cases, these enlarged veins may bleed. Once it reaches this particular stage, the pain may be unbearable. Those with internal hemorrhoid are reportedly deal with a great deal of pain, as the enlarged veins protrude well-through the rectum – causing not only pain, but also discomfort in every movement the sufferer makes. Regardless of which type of hemorrhoid you are suffering from, the worst pain can be felt during the passing of bowel movement and the cleaning afterwards. However, this can be minimized by changing eating habits, taking stool softener and avoiding excessive straining and repeated lifting heavy objects. Hope this answers your “Do hemorrhoids always hurt?” question.

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