Does Cinnamon Helps in Treating Diabetes?


Cinnamon And Diabetes: How this spice helps in treating diabetes

Cinnamon, for many, is just a culinary ingredient, or a scent that does great for scented candles and as air fresheners but there is much more to this spice. Most of us have cinnamon lying around in our kitchen cupboards, and not for once does the bottle strike to us as medication, but cinnamon has had ancient medicinal use which has even been documented in the Bible. This spice has popularly been used in China, India and Egypt for both culinary and medicinal purposes equally.

Cinnamon has that irresistible taste which makes it impossible for you not to sprinkle it over your oatmeal, and smother those cinnamon rolls in. For many the taste is divine, a mix of strong, spicy, aromatic and sweet. Cinnamon and Diabetes however are two words that have started to appear together quite frequently, and though for centuries medicinal properties of Cinnamon have been known, there is no proven or clear research over the matter of Cinnamon helping in treating diabetes.

However, a study which was published in the journal of “Diabetes Care” back in 2003 experimented the effects of cinnamon with a group of 60 men and women who suffered from Type 2 diabetes and were on diabetes medication in the form of pills. All of the participants had to intake either 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon in the form of a capsule. The study lasted for 40 days, and the results were impressively in Cinnamon’s favor. The participants’ blood glucose levels, on an average dropped in between 18% to 29%. But those who had chosen to consume the least amount of cinnamon were the ones whose blood glucose levels consistently improved even after 20 days of stopping the intake. This study also proved that this mystical spice helps in lowering triglycerides and bad cholesterols.

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Cinnamon has hence been proven to be associated with better blood sugar levels, many indicating that the spice contributes in lowering down insulin resistance in our bodies. Unless you have liver damage Cinnamon does not only make a great addition to your food making it taste even better but is also good for your health in general. However consumed in large amounts, much like any spice cinnamon tends to have its side effects, and may react with medication therefore before you make a BIG move with cinnamon you must consult with your doctor.

Even though there is little or no evidence of how the spice helps in treating diabetes type 1, there is enough evidence to its medicinal properties and positive effects on blood sugar levels, and has been known to help patients struggling form diabetes type 2. Cinnamon supplements, much like any medication should be taken without a doctor’s prescription, intake of the spice in its natural form and as an addition to food however is the most reliable, tasty and effective way to get the best of this spice.

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