The Most 5 Common Causes Herpes Outbreaks


What are the 5 common causes of herpes outbreaks? Before you know what are causing herpes outbreaks, you need to know that there are herpes simplexes virus is come into two types;

  • HSV 1. This herpes virus leads to cold sores or blister in mouth area but can transmitted into genital area with oral sex. This herpes virus mostly spread from bodily fluids contact such as kissing or skin contact with cold sores infected.
  • HSV 2. This herpes virus leads into genital herpes. This herpes commonly spreads through sexual activity.

People with herpes can experience the re-activated herpes breakouts when they get the viruses for the first time. Therefore, it is important for list the trigger because they can trigger from different things. This called with secondary herpes.

What are Herpes outbreaks trigger?

There is no unclear review how herpes breakouts trigger and reactivate, but some studies shows that there are certain condition that can become possible trigger to herpes breakouts. Here are the common triggers for herpes breakouts.

  1. This can include to physical and emotional stress such as fatigue and anxiety. Untreated depression can become worst trigger for herpes breakouts.
  2. Sexual intercourse. There are some people that identify sexual intercourse irritates skin and triggers to herpes symptom. To eliminate, you can use water based lubricant to less irritation.
  3. Cold and sunlight. Cold and sunlight can trigger to oral herpes but there are no significant proof that they causes genital herpes breakouts.
  4. Hormonal changes such as menstruation, can trigger herpes breakouts.
  5. Surgery, weakened immune system. Having trauma at bodily injury such as surgery can trigger symptom of herpes breakouts.

You need to remember that the herpes triggers are not same for everyone. The lifestyle also affects to such condition that can triggers to herpes breakout.

Prevent herpes breakouts

There are several things that you can do for prevent herpes breakouts. Avoid eat foods that contain with rich arginine such as nuts (almond, cashew, and peanuts), grains, chocolate, and caffeine.

The frequency from herpes recurrent breakouts can be varying for everyone. Some people are lucky when they body build up the antibody tolerance and the disease will be asymptomatic and never appears again. However, there are others that experience with repeated herpes outbreaks in years or months. In number, there are about 80% people that infected with herpes will suffer from secondary herpes breakouts in 6 months after the first suffer. In average, there are about 3 t 5 times a year depend to patient’s health.

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The good news from all of these tired recurrent herpes breakouts, the frequency from herpes breakouts are diminishes and the breakouts also become less severe. However, when person get asymptomatic herpes, then it means that this individual still carrier the viruses and may be contagious to others. Therefore, for their partner or family who live around, they should check to their 5 common causes of herpes outbreaks that can help to identify the herpes recurrent trigger.

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