Can You Get Herpes from a Toilet Seat?

Can you get herpes from a toilet seat? This question usually asked by many people. Many people feel so afraid to use public toilet because they are afraid of virus or germ that may be left by other people who have used public toilet. How about herpes virus? Can herpes virus found on toilet seat? Read the information below to know the answer.

Recognizing Herpes and the Causes of It

Herpes is frighten disease for every people because this disease difficult to be healed. Experts said that there is no specific method to heal herpes. In other word, herpes is serious disease can’t be healed by specific medicine. But, nowadays many experts conduct some researches to find perfect solution for herpes.

Herpes caused by herpes simplex virus. Actually, there are two types of herpes simplex virus, which are herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. Every type causes difference condition. Herpes simplex virus type 1 usually infects lip or mouth area, while herpes simplex virus type 2 infects genital area.

Herpes virus included into virus that is easily transmitted through direct contact. We have to know the object that can transmit herpes virus to avoid this virus. Herpes virus usually transmitted through saliva and sexual activity. For people who have many sex partners, they have high risk to be infected by herpes virus. When having sex, the sex partner may have been infected by herpes virus, and finally the partner transmit herpes virus to their sex partner. Oral sex can also cause herpes.

Not only through sexual activity, herpes virus can be transmitted through same object used together. For example when we use same cutlery with other people who have infected by herpes, we have a risk to be infected by herpes virus too. So, be careful whenever we want to eat or drink. Make sure we use our cutlery that is not used by other people to prevent herpes.

Is Herpes Virus Transmitted through Toilet Seat?

As mentioned before, herpes virus can be transmitted easily through direct contact. How about toilet seat? Is it media to transmit herpes virus? Actually, there is no proof that proves about relation between toilet seat and herpes virus transmission. According to experts, herpes virus is the virus that can’t survive in other area, except human body. It means when the virus on toilet seat, it will easily dead and can’t infect other people who use the toilet seat.

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From the explanation above, we can conclude that herpes virus can’t be transmitted through toilet seat. But, we have to be careful when we have wound or injury in the genital area. Wound may become the best place for herpes virus. If you have wound or injuries, make sure you don’t use public toilet because herpes virus may be on toilet seat and infect your wound. Finally, it will cause herpes. After reading the information about can you get herpes from toilet seat?, hopefully you will be more careful wherever  you are.

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