Can You Get Herpes from Saliva?

Can you get herpes from saliva? That question maybe asked when you want to kiss someone with herpes on him. It is a kind of questions that should be answered carefully and correctly in order to make you get correct information of the issue.  Of course, you don’t want to make kissing as a manifestation of love, becomes a medium for diseases such as herpes to be transmitted. Having herpes is something horrible, because the effect can be very painful and stressful. It is marked by high temperature fever, feeling unwell, and followed by emergence of painful red blister. Gradually, the red blister will turn into burst and ulcers.

As we know that herpes is a contiguous skin disease, which means easily transmitted among people. It is transmitted through direct skin contact. However, there is some confusion whether or not the virus can be transmitted through another medium such as saliva. This article will try to find some facts that can tell us whether or not you can get herpes from saliva.

Saliva and Herpes

Let me ask some basic question. Will you get herpes (oral herpes) if you kiss someone who are infected by herpes but in the area that doesn’t have any blister, burst, or ulcers? The answer is “not necessarily”. Why? Herpes is transmitted through direct skin contact to the contiguous area. So, you will not necessary get infected. However, it is still possible because sometime people who are infected didn’t show any symptoms after months or even years. So, we didn’t really know whether the area that we kiss contains the virus or not. It’s depends on your immune system. If you are having not really good immune system you may be infected.

Another question, will you get herpes if you kiss someone who is infected by herpes in the contiguous area? Mostly you will get infected. It is because you do the direct contact to the infected area. If you have good immune system, you will be not infected directly, but the virus will stay until the immune system weakens.

So, in term of infection, the problem is not only about the saliva, but to the direct contact. However, the saliva could be a sub medium of the virus to be transmitted.  If the saliva also has a direct contact to the contiguous area, it has also great possibility to transmit the virus into another skin that has direct contact to the saliva.

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How to Prevent

So, if someone is experiencing oral herpes symptoms, it is recommended no to do direct contact or kiss the others to stop the infection until the burst and ulcers have healed and the skin looks normal again. However, it doesn’t mean that you are banned to show your affection to others. You can use dental dam to cover your mouth area while kissing someone. The dam will block direct skin contact. It may be a quite troublesome way. However, preventing the virus to be transmitted to the one who you love is also the way to show you affection.

So, can you get herpes from saliva? It is not necessarily but possibly. Preventing is always important.

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